TheUrbanVoyager: Golden hour in the Santa Cruz range
TheUrbanVoyager: Happy new year!
TheUrbanVoyager: Golden hour in the Santa Cruz Mountains [EXPLORED]
TheUrbanVoyager: River of mist in the Santa Cruz mountains
TheUrbanVoyager: Sun sets over a field of Gold
TheUrbanVoyager: New dawn
TheUrbanVoyager: Clearing storm in the Yosemite valley
TheUrbanVoyager: Martian outpost
TheUrbanVoyager: A quiet forest scene from Olympic National Park
TheUrbanVoyager: Golden Hour on Olympic Coast
TheUrbanVoyager: Unnamed Alaskan River Delta
TheUrbanVoyager: A beautiful waterfall I stumbled upon on the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii!
TheUrbanVoyager: California spring
TheUrbanVoyager: First snow in the Yosemite Valley
TheUrbanVoyager: Aurora dances over misty Alaskan landscape
TheUrbanVoyager: Storm rolling in over Factory Butte
TheUrbanVoyager: Winter sunrise in the foothills of Alaska range
TheUrbanVoyager: Winter in Bryce
TheUrbanVoyager: Sierra de La Sal
TheUrbanVoyager: First light
TheUrbanVoyager: The Castle
TheUrbanVoyager: "Reflective"
TheUrbanVoyager: Tres Hermanos
TheUrbanVoyager: Onset of winter [EXPLORED]
TheUrbanVoyager: Edge of the storm
TheUrbanVoyager: Early summer morning in Northern California [EXPLORED]
TheUrbanVoyager: Lush flowery meadow on Mt. Rainier
TheUrbanVoyager: Classic view of the McWay Falls