TheUrbanVoyager: Winter in Eastern Sierras
TheUrbanVoyager: Chilly winter morning in California countryside
TheUrbanVoyager: Storm clouds closing in on Mt. Shasta
TheUrbanVoyager: Spring in California
TheUrbanVoyager: Winter light
TheUrbanVoyager: The Golden Gate
TheUrbanVoyager: Beautiful morning light in Sedona
TheUrbanVoyager: First light in Sedona
TheUrbanVoyager: Moonlit Sedona
TheUrbanVoyager: Where rainbows end
TheUrbanVoyager: Misty Forests
TheUrbanVoyager: Storm clouds making their way over the Sierras
TheUrbanVoyager: Crown of the Tetons
TheUrbanVoyager: Sun drenched
TheUrbanVoyager: Valley of the Sun
TheUrbanVoyager: Starry night over Lake Tahoe
TheUrbanVoyager: Sunrise in the bamboo forest
TheUrbanVoyager: First light on California Coast
TheUrbanVoyager: Untouched
TheUrbanVoyager: Twilight over the bay
TheUrbanVoyager: Spring in California
TheUrbanVoyager: Fujisan framed by the autumn leaves
TheUrbanVoyager: Sundown over Thor's Well
TheUrbanVoyager: Fiery sunset on California Coast
TheUrbanVoyager: Nightfall over Golden Gate
TheUrbanVoyager: Twilight over the Golden Gate
TheUrbanVoyager: Singular
TheUrbanVoyager: The Flow
TheUrbanVoyager: Locomotive snakes through idyllic California countryside