odell_rd: Resilience
odell_rd: Rough - for both golfers and dog-walkers
odell_rd: Spike
odell_rd: The bigger picture
odell_rd: Channelled towards the light
odell_rd: Poppies plus
odell_rd: Evening light
odell_rd: Battered but not beaten
odell_rd: It's grim up north
odell_rd: Collection time
odell_rd: Foxglove forest
odell_rd: Into the green
odell_rd: Isolated
odell_rd: The grass is always greener?
odell_rd: Lupin land
odell_rd: Outflow
odell_rd: Line up
odell_rd: Two bridges
odell_rd: In splendid isolation
odell_rd: Between banks of garlic
odell_rd: Barley in the breeze
odell_rd: Shade and sun
odell_rd: A welcome wetting
odell_rd: Fragrant - or pungent?
odell_rd: Inviting
odell_rd: Bluebells in the old quarry
odell_rd: Clumped together for warmth? (Lockdown 13)
odell_rd: Heading for the hills
odell_rd: Bug hotel? (Lockdown 12)
odell_rd: Glorious afternoon 2 (Lockdown 11)