mcginley2012: Unknown Lady
mcginley2012: Chestnuts
mcginley2012: Full Tide at River Corrib
mcginley2012: In the Wildflower Meadow.
mcginley2012: Daisy Days
mcginley2012: Feeding Time at Claddagh
mcginley2012: Rain...
mcginley2012: Red Roses
mcginley2012: Strange Light.
mcginley2012: Bluebells
mcginley2012: The Pier
mcginley2012: Magnificent Magnolia
mcginley2012: Evening Sunshine
mcginley2012: In Like a Lion
mcginley2012: Morning Light
mcginley2012: Eyes Wide Open.
mcginley2012: Three Claddagh Hookers
mcginley2012: Me and my Shadow
mcginley2012: Pay your Dues.
mcginley2012: Gingerbread model of the Merrick Hotel and Galway's Christmas Market.
mcginley2012: Grey Skies over Galway
mcginley2012: A Beautiful Dawn.
mcginley2012: After the Storm
mcginley2012: Blue Skies and Rain
mcginley2012: Autumn Light
mcginley2012: Autumn in Ireland.
mcginley2012: Changing Seasons
mcginley2012: The Diving Board.
mcginley2012: Feeding the Swans at Claddagh
mcginley2012: Galway Bay