mcginley2012: Storm Ciara.
mcginley2012: Yellow Crocus after the Rain.
mcginley2012: Fallen.
mcginley2012: Friday Dawn.
mcginley2012: Misty Morning.
mcginley2012: Stormy scene at Salthill
mcginley2012: Sure a bitta rain never hurt nobody.
mcginley2012: Rossnowlagh Sunset
mcginley2012: Claregalway Abbey.
mcginley2012: A Christmas Message.
mcginley2012: Book Tree for Christmas
mcginley2012: Coffee Break.
mcginley2012: 2019-12-18_09-48-37
mcginley2012: Sunshine at Salthill
mcginley2012: Hidden Treasure
mcginley2012: Monday Morning Commute
mcginley2012: Playing with Paint.
mcginley2012: Blackbird and Crow
mcginley2012: Deli Display.
mcginley2012: Frost.
mcginley2012: Morning Sunshine.
mcginley2012: Quay Lane Sunset.
mcginley2012: Little Light Catchers.
mcginley2012: Sunset Silhouette
mcginley2012: Danse Macabre
mcginley2012: Danse Macabre
mcginley2012: Johnny Fean, Barry Devlin.
mcginley2012: Masks.
mcginley2012: Autumn Sunshine