quiet-silence: Werst/Trife
dominotic: 2019 Melbourne: B&W St Paul's Cathedral
duncan: Lora Zombie graffiti, Shoreditch
SReed99342: Trump Rat
duncan: Fuck Boris
nolionsinengland: Dave The Chimp - Education Is not A Crime
沐均青: take a rest
duncan: The Brexit nightmare continues...
meuh1246: Clet_6404 rue Froment Paris 11
meuh1246: Noar Noarnito_2704 rue de Lappe Paris 11
Kurdistan Photo كوردستان: 💛 K U R D I S T A N Northern Syria
Lorie Shaull: Everyone loves someone who had an abortion and other protests signs sign at a Stop Abortion Bans Rally in St Paul, Minnesota
Photos © Ian Cox - Wallkandy.net: ‘These Two’ - @marthacoopergram and @nikakramer’s wine bar was in full swing at the @juxtapozmag #clubhouse in #Miami. #wallkandy #marthacoopsr #nikakramer #juxtapozclubhouse #juxtapozmag #fb #f #t #p #art #photographers #streetphotography
id-iom: Emergency Graffiti Kit
millikatz: TLV_6.10.18_016
MIgracionTOtal: Against racism, right wing populism and anti social politics
duncan: I ♥ UK
Celto Loco: Untitled-14 (2)
duncan: Anything is possible
Lorie Shaull: You kids did great, student lie-in at the White House to protest gun laws
bella.m: Montreal 2017
millikatz: TLV_30.12.17.001
Mr. MumbleJinx: Work from Charles "Teenie" Harris
Pyrénées Graffiti Fanzine: Spazm Merlyn Mite Nuans Insercoin Dely Keyler
millikatz: TLV_9.12.17_009
Donuts_ADN: Just trains, no human in my life.