aestheticsofcrisis: Wives forever / Smash the state, masturbate
cmdpirx: HH-Wheatpaste 3907
Robby Virus: Eric the Turtle, Atlanta, GA
BlackFingerB: 100 days 100 nights
wojofoto: Streetart in Amsterdam
C-Monster: SORRY, Guns, Alcohol, Drugs and AIDS Give No Refunds
duncan: Zabou graffiti, Shoreditch
aestheticsofcrisis: Pink kitty
bella.m: Toronto 2020
westbymidwest: No Justice
aestheticsofcrisis: My favorite season is the fall of patriarchy
Lorie Shaull: A protester at 38th Street and S. Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis on Tuesday after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota
wojofoto: Graffiti in Amsterdam
Gi.Sartori: Codibugnolo
All Seeing: KFC Amboe
- HOGRE -: it's not a war
ohario: 2020-04-14_06-44-30
MIgracionTOtal: shit or crap
aestheticsofcrisis: Dino love
quiet-silence: Werst/Trife
dominotic: 2019 Melbourne: B&W St Paul's Cathedral