elnina999: Early winter morning in Texas
elnina999: Icicles cling to palm tree. San Antonio, TX
elnina999: Graupel, the oddest winter precipitation. San Antonio, TX
elnina999: Rare snow event in South Texas
elnina999: Homemade meat filled potato dumplings
elnina999: First haircut...
elnina999: Malbork Castle, Poland
elnina999: Malbork Castle, Poland
elnina999: Malbork Castle, Poland
elnina999: An amber piece on display in the Malbork Castle Museum, Poland
elnina999: Polish Winged Hussar Armor
elnina999: Malbork Castle Dining Hall ceiling
elnina999: Interior of the largest castle in the world - Malbork. Teutonic castle. World Heritage List UNESCO
elnina999: Malbork Castle, refectory
elnina999: Manuka honey - nutritious delicious honey product made in New Zealand healthy food supplement
elnina999: San Antonio at Christmas
elnina999: Handmade Christmas decoration
elnina999: Street food - Berlin, Germany
elnina999: Street food -Berlin, Germany
elnina999: English muffin pizza
elnina999: The achenes of Clematis pitcheri
elnina999: Where's Waldo?
elnina999: Intricate relationship - clownfish and sea anemone
elnina999: Taco....Slow Cooker Tex-Mex style Pork Carne Guisada
elnina999: End of the day for the fisher boats..
elnina999: Thuja leaves and immature cones close up
elnina999: Chimera's worry
elnina999: Pizza baker at work
elnina999: Sunrise from the train window...
elnina999: Lunch at the train. A la carte.