tjfries: South Light by Moonlight
tjfries: The South Light
tjfries: Stonehedge-Lite
tjfries: Sunrise over the camel
tjfries: Red Fog
tjfries: Summer's Dawn
tjfries: Sunrise Inkblot
tjfries: Lone Trillium
tjfries: Ferrisburgh Farm
tjfries: Burlington Waterfront
tjfries: Boat house & branches
tjfries: Whale's Tails
tjfries: Lone Sailor & Supermoon
tjfries: Gazebo & Foliage
tjfries: Two Barns
tjfries: Ablaze
tjfries: Stumped Herefords
tjfries: White River: Fog & Foliage
tjfries: Trail's End
tjfries: In the shade of the old maple tree
tjfries: Autumnal Sunrise
tjfries: Convergence
tjfries: Iceberg Lake
tjfries: Yellowstone River
tjfries: Grand Prismatic Spring
tjfries: Refraction & Reflection
tjfries: Grinnel Lake
tjfries: Old Faithful (detail)
tjfries: Goose Island
tjfries: Blue Boat Burlington Bay Breakwater