noates: "Clytie"
noates: Narrow Reflections
noates: Dog, Ducks & Smoke
noates: 5 Boats & 3 Dogs
noates: Bridge 33
noates: Dribbling Swan!!
noates: Empty Beach, Empty Pier
noates: Red Roof & Grey Doors
noates: Mother & Child
noates: 35 Hungry Lambs
noates: Yellow and Bronze
noates: Yellow Glory
noates: Apple Blossom
noates: Time for a Haircut!
noates: True Blue
noates: Full Bloom Blossom
noates: Bold Blue Bloom
noates: Those Birds Have Eaten the Lot!!!
noates: Anything Left for Me?
noates: Lunch Break
noates: Goldfinch
noates: Chaffinch
noates: Wild Weir - 2
noates: Wild Weir
noates: Monsal Dale
noates: Proud Drake
noates: You Go that Way, I'll Go this Way
noates: My Delicate Flower
noates: Snowdrops and a Pump
noates: Catkins