roy rimmer: Great tit inflight.
roy rimmer: Male Bullfinch inflight.
roy rimmer: Bullfinches
roy rimmer: Wild Wood mice in my Man Cave,,,Happy Valentine’s Day!
roy rimmer: Set a camera trap up in my Man Cave.
roy rimmer: Local Barn Owl S1 Licence.
roy rimmer: Tawny Owl with worm.
roy rimmer: Wood mice in my shed.
roy rimmer: Little Owl inflight.
roy rimmer: Long-Tailed tit
roy rimmer: Archive image
roy rimmer: Female Kestrel inflight.
roy rimmer: Another Long-tailed tit.
roy rimmer: Wood mouse photographed at 11-30pm last night, it's eating an apple I put out for the birds.
roy rimmer: Blue tit dispute.
roy rimmer: Squabbling Greenfinches
roy rimmer: Long-tailed tit inflight, only a coupe of keeps from a two hour session in the hide this morning not many birds about.
roy rimmer: I only have a two hour window of light at my hide, so yesterday I sat for an hour and three quarters with not many birds and no interaction I thought I was going to blank, last ten minutes had a couple of keepers.
roy rimmer: Greenfinch and Nuthatch.
roy rimmer: Greenfinch dispute.
roy rimmer: I was blowing the white’s yesterday on some of my images so went back today to try the zebra settings on my Sony A9. WIP
roy rimmer: Two male Greenfinches photographed this morning.
roy rimmer: I supply images for several Company calendar’s, I think Ive got January's image photographed today. What do you think?
roy rimmer: Could only manage an hour this morning lying on the snow in my garden trying to get a low level high-key image of a Pied Wagtail in snow.
roy rimmer: Goldfinch and Great tit dispute.
roy rimmer: First time out with my camera for six weeks, had an hour at my new hide WIP.
roy rimmer: Wasp flying to Balsam.
roy rimmer: WASP 21ST AUGUST-3Wasp flying to Blackberry
roy rimmer: Another young Tawny Owl checking out Mole.
roy rimmer: Young Tawny Owl checking out Mole, oh and also a Crane fly.