Gordie Broon.: The Strath Beag River ..
Gordie Broon.: Land of Loch and Hill.
Gordie Broon.: A Minch Sunset ..
Gordie Broon.: At Loch Stack ..
Gordie Broon.: Loch Maree.
Gordie Broon.: From Cul Beag ..
Gordie Broon.: The Abersky Boats ..
Gordie Broon.: Coigach and Loch Lurgainn.
Gordie Broon.: Loch Caladail ..
Gordie Broon.: The River Laxford ..
wertheim: Baring Head, Pencarrow Lighthouse and Lakes Block Track
wertheim: Kaffee Eis
wertheim: The New Photography – Life in the 60s and 70s
wertheim: The Chippery
wertheim: Last night wandering in Wellington
wertheim: Wellington Museum
wertheim: Window Shopping II
wertheim: Wellington Museum
wertheim: Honolulu Museum of Art
wertheim: ARTafterDARK
wertheim: Quiet Moment at Italica Bar & Cafe
wertheim: Focusing on Lighting II
Groucho5: Untitled circa ? I think this might have been Grand Central Station in 1960.
Groucho5: Untitled and unposed
Groucho5: Untitled
Groucho5: Untitled
Groucho5: Berkeley-street
Groucho5: Untitled-circa???When the world was young!
Groucho5: Untitled
Groucho5: Blue movie