BlueMod: Alice Mary and Headless Angel, Castle Bromwich Cemetery, Birmingham.
BlueMod: Birmingham, old and new.
BlueMod: Busy day at Po' Boy Creole, Margate.
BlueMod: "That bloody grass needs cutting."
BlueMod: Reflected clouds.
BlueMod: Daughter amongst the yellow, Attingham Park.
BlueMod: Weddings can be exhausting.
BlueMod: Happy and proud bridesmaid.
BlueMod: Bridesmaid and bride.
BlueMod: A superb and unconventionally eclectic selection of wedding day attire.
BlueMod: Contemplating the next dance.
BlueMod: The bride with my wife.
BlueMod: Sneaky peak...
BlueMod: Nash Metropolitan, Ramsgate.
BlueMod: Staring At The Sea, Ramsgate.
BlueMod: Nash Metropolitan, Ramsgate.
BlueMod: Somewhere in Liverpool.
BlueMod: Grub's up.
BlueMod: Free?
BlueMod: This way
BlueMod: Artist at work, Pegwell Bay.
BlueMod: Reflecting on reflections, Maxstoke Castle
BlueMod: Daisies, Maxstoke Castle
BlueMod: Bell pull, Maxstoke Castle
BlueMod: Allium and doors, Maxstoke Castle
BlueMod: BIG window, Maxstoke Castle
BlueMod: Gateway to the moat, Maxstoke Castle.
BlueMod: Doors, Maxstoke Castle.
BlueMod: Cow parsley seedheads, Pegwell Bay, Thanet.
BlueMod: Stepping into the frame.