bac1967: Two Chairs
bac1967: North Creek Forest House
bac1967: Sky Ride
bac1967: Four Children and One Fish
bac1967: Young Boy on the Shore
bac1967: Young Girl and Boy
bac1967: Young Girl Handing Fruit
bac1967: Young Girl with Fruit
bac1967: Young Boy Running
bac1967: Geese
bac1967: Abandoned Sitting Porch
bac1967: Twisted Tree and Rock Wall
bac1967: Abandoned Palouse Farm House
bac1967: 1948 Ford Truck
bac1967: Abandoned Paluse Farm Equipment
bac1967: Snow on the Anode Ovens
bac1967: Demolished Anode Oven Interior
bac1967: Former Pot Line
bac1967: Ore Bridge Remains
bac1967: Rotating Christmas Tree 2020
bac1967: Zeiss Ikon ICA Trona 210/7
bac1967: Squirrel
bac1967: Fence Finial
bac1967: Food & Snacks
bac1967: Roller Coaster
bac1967: Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta 520/18
bac1967: Leica IIIf Summitar 5cm f/2
bac1967: Leica IIIf Sumimitar 5cm f/2 NOOKY
bac1967: Leica IIIf Summaron 3.5cm f3.5
bac1967: Rolleiflex Automat K4B Zeiss Tessar