waex99: Sunday rest
waex99: Framed
waex99: I have something in the eye
waex99: Yu Huang Gong - Temple of the Heavenly Jade Emperor
waex99: 20$ Nett
waex99: By the road side
waex99: MyPizza (Est coast road Singapore)
waex99: Comme sur des roulettes
waex99: Un petit air d Yvette Horner
waex99: What's new?
waex99: Young film fotog and model
waex99: Fruit seller Hanoi Vietnam
waex99: Aunties business
waex99: The Price Is Right
waex99: Paper work
waex99: The Apple Store - Singapore
waex99: Tiong Bahru at QiTian Gong temple
waex99: Singapore Railway Station
waex99: For the living and for the dead
waex99: The masked dummy
waex99: Chinese tourists at the sea
waex99: 7th Month Worshipping
waex99: The tatoed fishmonger
waex99: In the kitchen
waex99: Fishy business
waex99: The working Capitol
waex99: The model
waex99: Her distant reflection
waex99: Bunnies
waex99: Walk into the light