mikehook51: Goldcrest - Dungeness
mikehook51: Firecrest - Dungeness IMG_9999_74
mikehook51: Cattle Egret - RSPB Dungeness IMG_9999_27
mikehook51: Wood sandpiper and Curlew sandpiper - Oare IMG_9999_281
mikehook51: Bonaparte's Gull - Oare marshes IMG_9999_222
mikehook51: Silver Studded Blue (M) - Ashdown Forest IMG_9999_43
mikehook51: Purple Emperor - Dene Park Wood
mikehook51: Ruptela maculata - Dene Park Wood IMG_9999_10
mikehook51: Marbled White - Lullingstone Country Park IMG_9999_187
mikehook51: Dark Green Fritillary - Lullingstone Country Park IMG_9999_40
mikehook51: Heath Fritillary - Blean Woods IMG_9999_158
mikehook51: Heath Fritillary - Blean Woods IMG_9999_74
mikehook51: Sandwich Terns - Rye Harbour IMG_9999_112
mikehook51: Spotted Flycatcher IMG_9999_19
mikehook51: Duke of Burgundy - Bonsai Bank IMG_9999_142
mikehook51: Green Hairstreak - Bonsai Bank + IMG_9999_132
mikehook51: Cuckoo - KWT Oare marshes IMG_9999_16
mikehook51: Grey Wagtail - New Hythe lakes IMG_9999_14
mikehook51: Yellow Wagtail - Elmley IMG_9999_40
mikehook51: Grey backed mining Bee (Andrena Vaga) IMG_9999_38 (2)
mikehook51: Bank Vole - Chiddingstone IMG_9999_137
mikehook51: Siskin (M) - Chiddingstone IMG_9999_79
mikehook51: Purple Sandpiper - Hampton IMG_9999_301
mikehook51: Purple Sandpiper - Hampton IMG_9999_209
mikehook51: Bank Vole - IMG_9999_220
mikehook51: Siskin (m) - IMG_9999_24
mikehook51: Marsh Tit - IMG_9999_172
mikehook51: Siskin (f) - IMG_9999_94
mikehook51: Common Crossbill (m) - Hemsted Forest IMG_9999_91 (2)
mikehook51: Comon Crossbill (M) - Hemsted Forest IMG_9999_194 (2)