louys:: Why a fence? To stop balls rolling into the car park.
louys:: stairway to heaven
louys:: the window cleaner
louys:: bus lockdown
louys:: crags with ruin
louys:: Portobello High School Annexe
louys:: flyover fences
louys:: just rubbish now
louys:: Our garden visitors (2)
louys:: factory lines
louys:: Our garden visitor (1)
louys:: on the rack
louys:: stony path (colour)
louys:: stony path (mono version)
louys:: unfenced
louys:: my lockdown refuge
louys:: bolted
louys:: Hume and Lincoln
louys:: squeezed and empty
louys:: curves, lines, shadows
louys:: safe distance but no sitters
louys:: sunshine on the vaults
louys:: towel lines
louys:: Paolozzi returns to St Mary's
louys:: LO?
louys:: fuel stop
louys:: Death and Resurrection
louys:: tunnels have ends as well as beginnings
louys:: ... only hope
louys:: lochdown