louys:: wibbly-wobbly
louys:: the tired tourist
louys:: the curl of the pipes
louys:: touching the clouds
louys:: "The tall forest towers ..." (Edward Thomas)
louys:: keep out!
louys:: the way to the church
louys:: taking the wide view
louys:: "I was a stranger and you welcomed me."
louys:: "Fate's arrow, when expected, travels slow" (Dante, Paradiso).
louys:: The Musselburgh Archer
louys:: The Hope Window
louys:: drip
louys:: ........ ANK
louys:: Happy Fence Friday!
louys:: Roseleaf Cafe/Bar
louys:: twosome
louys:: seaward
louys:: come into the shadow of this cool bar
louys:: colour in a mono world
louys:: Old lamps for sale. HWW!
louys:: IRMG
louys:: Leith Library, Edinburgh
louys:: flight from the storm
louys:: prayer everlasting
louys:: Thunderstorm, Edinburgh
louys:: Hollyhock with raindrops
louys:: the light shineth in the darkness
louys:: the going down of the sun
louys:: the south side