louys:: Spires among the chimneys
louys:: Duddingston Spring
louys:: Buddha meets zebra
louys:: interwoven
louys:: new build at Haymarket, Edinburgh
louys:: rain over East Lothian
louys:: evening exercises
louys:: barrow bokeh
louys:: officiousness
louys:: the blasted heath
louys:: spring blossoms
louys:: when river meets sea
louys:: spherical selfie
louys:: Church of St Patrick
louys:: looking for a parking space
louys:: Offices overlook homes
louys:: squeezy
louys:: when the wind blows ...
louys:: droplets
louys:: views from the coffin
louys:: pathways to Arthur's Seat
louys:: proud prows
louys:: artichokes, dying
louys:: root creep
louys:: little ireland
louys:: Spring nests
louys:: fantasy garden
louys:: they scrubbed up nicely
louys:: trees and me
louys:: memories of childhood