louys:: autumnal walk
louys:: shadow on the wall
louys:: the last dazzle
louys:: from Musselburgh to Edinburgh
louys:: heads and hats
louys:: shadows and silhouettes
louys:: washing for the team
louys:: Easter Road, home of Hibernian Football Club
louys:: after the concert
louys:: swan, posing on one leg
louys:: light wedge
louys:: the uphill path
louys:: get your smiles here!
louys:: "looking for something, something, something"
louys:: the organ pipes
louys:: leaves in late sunshine
louys:: coffee time
louys:: Ivy on The Ivy
louys:: cityscape
louys:: going up
louys:: "on the shore of the wide world I [sit] alone ... " (Keats)
louys:: leaving
louys:: Stewart's Melville College
louys:: concentricity
louys:: night in the city
louys:: new build
louys:: message from the beach
louys:: memento mori
louys:: the water's cold
louys:: the big bench