jerrygabby1: Mallard Pair
jerrygabby1: In the pink.
jerrygabby1: Begonia
jerrygabby1: Rufous Hummingbird - Female
jerrygabby1: Rufous Hummingbird - Male
jerrygabby1: Rufous Hummingbird - Female
jerrygabby1: Red-Tailed Hawk.
jerrygabby1: Hooded Merganser
jerrygabby1: One of my flower gardens. The geese were made at Bellingham Tech. College.
jerrygabby1: Black-Headed Grosbeak - Female
jerrygabby1: Black-Headed Grosbeak
jerrygabby1: Wild Wisteria - Invasive
jerrygabby1: Violet-Greene Swallow - Female
jerrygabby1: Rufous Hummingbird - Immature Male
jerrygabby1: Twin Sisters - North Cascades, WA
jerrygabby1: Bald Eagle
jerrygabby1: American Gold Finch
jerrygabby1: Another spring day from our back deck.
jerrygabby1: Tulip - Name (Green Land) Roozengaarde, Skaget Co. WA
jerrygabby1: Hooded Merganser - Pair
jerrygabby1: Hooded Merganser - Male
jerrygabby1: Red-winged Blackbird - Immature Male
jerrygabby1: Black-Headed Grosbeak - Male
jerrygabby1: Garter Snake
jerrygabby1: Canada Goose - Gosling
jerrygabby1: Tree Swallow - Male
jerrygabby1: Rainbow
jerrygabby1: Gold Crowned Sparrow in Apple Tree