Ellinas_n*: Τhe island of paradise ( Lemnos )
Ellinas_n*: Awesome light! Lemnos island
Ellinas_n*: a walk with a view ( Lemnos )
Ellinas_n*: The magic of eternity !
Ellinas_n*: The blare of the sky!!
Ellinas_n*: Foggy landscape in the village
Ellinas_n*: Evening storm in Versailles
Ellinas_n*: Τhe colors of the meadow
Ellinas_n*: Full moon over the palace of Chantilly !
Ellinas_n*: Colosseum in eternity
Ellinas_n*: Spring ..
Ellinas_n*: Disneyland Paris
Ellinas_n*: The Hunter
Ellinas_n*: French architecture and sunset
Ellinas_n*: My Sunset
Ellinas_n*: Βike on the beach
Ellinas_n*: Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
Ellinas_n*: Swan song
Ellinas_n*: The king of the mountains
Ellinas_n*: Zeus's lightning
Ellinas_n*: Colorful splendor on the beach
Ellinas_n*: Fly free in the sky
Ellinas_n*: Τhis view is not for sale!
Ellinas_n*: Flying over the windmills
Ellinas_n*: Michael Jordan [ "Air Jordan" and "His Airness" ]
Ellinas_n*: Achilles' heel
Ellinas_n*: Sunrise overlooking Santorini island
Ellinas_n*: Blind faith !