anthsnap!: Coconut and Meringue Cake
anthsnap!: Morris Minor
anthsnap!: Door Knocker
anthsnap!: Eel by Peter Baker
anthsnap!: Ely Cathedral
anthsnap!: Door Knocker
anthsnap!: Crowned Female Head (Norwich Artist) c1440-60
anthsnap!: Stained Glass
anthsnap!: The Arms of Queen Margaret of Anjou c1840
anthsnap!: Stamped Quarries by James Powell and Son 1849
anthsnap!: Ministering to the Sick by Henry Holiday 1907
anthsnap!: Girl Dancing By Thomas Cowell
anthsnap!: Hammer and Tongs by Karl Parsons
anthsnap!: The Visitation by Margaret E Aldrich Rope
anthsnap!: Sailing Ship by Leonard Walker c1920
anthsnap!: Geometric Grisaille (English Artist) c1200 -1250
anthsnap!: Typography Panel by Moira Forsyth
anthsnap!: Bust of a King ( French Artist) c1210
anthsnap!: Morning by Ervin Bossanyi
anthsnap!: The Assumption of the Virgin Mary by James Powell and Son
anthsnap!: Inner Space by Paul San Casciani 1979
anthsnap!: Five Victorian Studios by Michael Coles
anthsnap!: Christ the Worker by Carl Edwards 1978
anthsnap!: One Woman's Narrative: Self Portrait IV by Debora Coombs 1994
anthsnap!: Stained Glass
anthsnap!: Stained Glass
anthsnap!: The Annunciation to the Virgin restored Hardman and Co
anthsnap!: St Vincent on the Gridiron
anthsnap!: The Arms of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers by Moira Forsyth c1973
anthsnap!: Stained Glass Window