Dumby: Siesta
Dumby: Autumn details
Dumby: Autumn rural scene
Dumby: Relief
Dumby: Mystic village
Dumby: Reaching autumn
Dumby: Armăsar bucovinean
Dumby: Rural scene
Dumby: Autumn road
Dumby: Simple
Dumby: World of ladybug
Dumby: Autumn scene
Dumby: October scene
Dumby: În Bărăgan
Dumby: Luminous sunset
Dumby: That's all
Dumby: Fata de la fereastră
Dumby: Autumn reflections
Dumby: Urban details
Dumby: The bridge
Dumby: Urban reflections
Dumby: Detaliile toamnei
Dumby: A drop
Dumby: gradient
Dumby: Herd in motion
Dumby: Skydance
Dumby: Natural frame