Dumby: Autumn feeling
Dumby: Singur
Dumby: Morning colors
Dumby: Autumn is coming
Dumby: Laura & Teodora
Dumby: Weird tree
Dumby: Behind the fence
Dumby: Happy
Dumby: Sunset
Dumby: Colorful sunset
Dumby: Laura
Dumby: Laura
Dumby: Laura
Dumby: Street portrait
Dumby: Colors
Dumby: Rural details
Dumby: La țară
Dumby: Putred
Dumby: Country girl
Dumby: Forest details
Dumby: Doborât
Dumby: Before rain
Dumby: Motive tradiționale
Dumby: Rural
Dumby: Iezerul Sadovei
Dumby: Country girl
Dumby: In the forest
Dumby: Natural frame
Dumby: Intense red