Dumby: Pietrele Doamnei
Dumby: Rădăcini
Dumby: Pietrele Doamnei
Dumby: Playing with umbrella
Dumby: Mountain hiking
Dumby: Large landscape
Dumby: Under the clouds
Dumby: Plai bucovinean
Dumby: Wild little river
Dumby: Confluence
Dumby: Rădăcini
Dumby: Summer vibration
Dumby: La sol
Dumby: Ant attack
Dumby: Rainy day
Dumby: Mountain forest
Dumby: Black cat
Dumby: Confluence
Dumby: In the middle of nature
Dumby: In the grass
Dumby: Vatra Dornei Railway Station
Dumby: Cu turma la păscut
Dumby: Liniște și pace
Dumby: Simple landscape
Dumby: Curved landscape
Dumby: Colored field
Dumby: Agriculture
Dumby: Layers
Dumby: Little orthodox church
Dumby: Railway