After-the-Rain: Marmalade Hoverfly on Campanula
roberto parmiggiani: Common pheasant - fagiano comune
Paul Sisul: Oregon Coast Sundown
crusader752: Idle gossip
David Zeman Photography: East Broad Top #16
Will Hofacker: Railroad Station
guenterleitenbauer: Baseball in Austria
Carsten Bahnsen: Große Königslibelle / emperor dragonfly (Anax imperator)
꧁༺꧁ღ⊱♥ Amanda Collins Eade ♥ ⊱ღ: 'Would you mind giving me some privacy?' (Explored 2nd June 2024).
brick911: Eastern Box Turtle on 206
Mike Bader: A Loving Touch
brucefinocchio: Male Leucistic Acorn Woodpecker Flies Between Granary Tree Branches
guerrerogjess: Light House
surf-shot: surf-shot-5-January-2023--_30U0141
Carsten Bahnsen: Granataugen / Erythromma
richard.mcmanus.: Atlantic Puffin
justbelightful: verrazano in the fog
justbelightful: catch the moon
justbelightful: jewels on grass blade
justbelightful: sunset boaters
chris murkin: 1963 MiG 17 Bulit as a Lim-6R by WSK-Mielec in Poland N6953X 0511 Polish Air Force s/n 511
dale 1: Red squirrel
Flyingcolors Photo: Into The Sky / In den Himmel