DannyZelener: Love is in the earth..
DannyZelener: Water Drops
DannyZelener: G in the Wonderland
DannyZelener: 5:50 AM
DannyZelener: Natural Window Lighting
DannyZelener: Looking backward
DannyZelener: She plays change the roles...
DannyZelener: Finding a way to discover my past ...
DannyZelener: Old House
DannyZelener: Golden Hour
DannyZelener: Flamingos
DannyZelener: The Hummingbird & the Flower"
DannyZelener: Rare Position
DannyZelener: Curves
DannyZelener: Mono Carayá o Aullador / Black and Gold Howler
DannyZelener: Ñacurutu
DannyZelener: Sunken ship
DannyZelener: Surrealistic Landscape
DannyZelener: Picaflor común
DannyZelener: Colour Splash
DannyZelener: Sunset!
DannyZelener: Flamingo
DannyZelener: Salado River.
DannyZelener: Memories of a not so distant past ...
DannyZelener: Brewery. Village landscape
DannyZelener: Old English Bridge. Kaleidoscope
DannyZelener: Midnight surprise!
DannyZelener: OLD English Bridge. Ramon Biaus
DannyZelener: Piojito Gris