Nocturnal Bob: Temple of the liquified dinosaur
rachadw: Old Limestone House - Kansas
Mr. Greenjeans: last stand
Ken Lee Photography: When We Salute the Moon
Mr. Greenjeans: 100 McHugh Rd_revisited
Noel Kerns: Pow-Wow
Ken Lee Photography: Nelson Ghost Town Night Photography Workshop!
Mr. Greenjeans: the outhouse
cormack13: Stone Cold
Notley Hawkins: Arrowhead Motel Self-Portrait
Scott Sanford Photography: Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant_8717
Nocturnal Bob: Sidelined
slworking2: Old boat abandoned in the sand at the Salton Sea Naval Auxiliary Air Station
Notley Hawkins: Illuminated Farmhouse
Ken Lee Photography: Aren’t You Glad You Have Dials
eyetwist: road runner's retreat / route 66. mojave desert, ca. 2013.
Ken Lee Photography: Tales from the Garage
Jeff Sullivan ( 32 Minutes After Galactic Center "Rise" (24mm)
Mike Girard: Holloman and Sons Grocers
Mr. Greenjeans: overseer
Nocturnal Bob: Some day soon
Kansas Poetry (Patrick): Oklahoma Cafe
Nocturnal Bob: Slow drip
Nocturnal Bob: Buy it here
Lost America: KOA-Frame