nuthatch1000: Close-up
nuthatch1000: Growing in limestone area
nuthatch1000: Derbyshire panorama
nuthatch1000: The lonely copse
nuthatch1000: Dung flies on - dung!
nuthatch1000: Praestans fusilier unicum
nuthatch1000: Bracket fungus on dead tree
nuthatch1000: Good Samaritan's dog
nuthatch1000: Peters Stone and Cressbrook Dale
nuthatch1000: Lichen, Cressbrook Dale
nuthatch1000: Golden Saxifrage, Cressbrook Dale
nuthatch1000: Monsal Viaduct
nuthatch1000: Footbridge Monsal Dale
nuthatch1000: Farm and footbridgs Monsal Dale
nuthatch1000: Monsal Dale panorama
nuthatch1000: Fossils in Limestone 2
nuthatch1000: Fossils in Limestone 1
nuthatch1000: Honesty
nuthatch1000: Stock Dove 2
nuthatch1000: Covid Vaccination - sign of the times!
nuthatch1000: Stock Dove on the lawn
nuthatch1000: The Guardian at the gate
nuthatch1000: Daffodils, before and after
nuthatch1000: Blackbird m
nuthatch1000: Pelargonium
nuthatch1000: Aubrietia 5th April 2021
nuthatch1000: Early Winter ?
nuthatch1000: Germander Speedwell
nuthatch1000: Blackthorn