nuthatch1000: Size contrast
nuthatch1000: Preparing Holymoorside Well Dressing
nuthatch1000: Swing feeding
nuthatch1000: Knives
nuthatch1000: The Knife Angel
nuthatch1000: Shaggy Caps self digested
nuthatch1000: Size comparison
nuthatch1000: Size contestants
nuthatch1000: Ivy flowers
nuthatch1000: Hesperantha coccinea possibly Sunrise
nuthatch1000: Shield Bug
nuthatch1000: Shaggy Cap 1
nuthatch1000: Shaggy Cap 2
nuthatch1000: Elm Leaf
nuthatch1000: Impact zone
nuthatch1000: Burglars beware (or anyone else for that matter)
nuthatch1000: Victim of a Witch's curse?
nuthatch1000: Halloween preparations !!!
nuthatch1000: Hungry Guard dog
nuthatch1000: Tapestry Close-up 5
nuthatch1000: Tapestry Close-up 4
nuthatch1000: Tapestry Close-up 3
nuthatch1000: Snail, Outside view
nuthatch1000: Snail, Worm's eye view
nuthatch1000: Hunting scene Tapestry Close-up 1
nuthatch1000: Hunting scene Tapestry Close-up 2
nuthatch1000: Tapestry in Earl's Apartment
nuthatch1000: Buzzard take-off
nuthatch1000: Buzzard on bale