Couta: LowerRollasonsupperpool
Couta: Erskine river
Couta: Lower Rollason's Falls bottom pool.
Couta: Dunbogan
Couta: Dune1 (1)
Couta: LakeCathie-9
Couta: One mile beach to Samurai. Port Stephens
Couta: Fairhaven beach sunrise 20/5/2020
Couta: Erskine falls
Couta: The "Hump" sunset.Mt Buffalo. Victorian High Country.
Couta: Amazing Quartz rock colours.Rollasons falls Mt Buffalo.Victorian high country.
Couta: Fern tree .Victirian High Country.
Couta: Grampianstorm
Couta: Lorne pier colours from below.
Couta: Lorne pier.
Couta: The Spit ,Fingal bay. Port Stephens.
Couta: Fingal Island view to Port Stephens.
Couta: SurfBirubi-3
Couta: Stocktondunes
Couta: Back beach curtain.
Couta: Southwarf to Bolte bridfe view.Melbourne.
Couta: Phillip Island drive
Couta: Macedon-5
Couta: TheFin
Couta: Webb bridge internal. Melbourne
Couta: Beach jelly star
Couta: Java reef sunset.
Couta: Reef walk. G Land Java
Couta: Lapopu falls Sumba Island East Indonesia
Couta: East Javanese sunset. Bobbies surfcamp G Land