gryphon569: Wooden owl
gryphon569: Harvest Festival offerings around the font
gryphon569: Roundel of Suffolk Punch
gryphon569: Old Bibles and Prayer Books
gryphon569: East window showing the Risen Christ
gryphon569: Trees in sunlight
gryphon569: Trees and stumps in sunlight
gryphon569: Footpath
gryphon569: Farmland
gryphon569: Sunlight
gryphon569: Dead tree in morning sunlight
gryphon569: Squirrel sharing my bench
gryphon569: Squirrel sharing my bench
gryphon569: Seasonal display!
gryphon569: A Bandersnatch swiftly drew nigh
gryphon569: "And you'd best be unpacking the things that you need / To rig yourselves out for the fight."
gryphon569: They roused him with muffins - they roused him with ice
gryphon569: Supporting each man on the top of the tide / By a finger entwined in his hair
gryphon569: Organ
gryphon569: Church interior
gryphon569: Castleton memorial
gryphon569: Castleton memorial
gryphon569: Skull
gryphon569: Table tomb
gryphon569: All Saints' church
gryphon569: Town sign
gryphon569: The Mere
gryphon569: The Mere
gryphon569: Sign of bull over butcher's shop
gryphon569: St Mary's church, Diss, Norfolk