gryphon569: Jesus said: Let the Children Come to me!
gryphon569: Cherub
gryphon569: Malevolent-looking skull
gryphon569: St Mary's church
gryphon569: 15th-century benches
gryphon569: Mysterious humanoid figure
gryphon569: Defaced winged beast
gryphon569: Bearded figure
gryphon569: Four-legged beast with human head (Manticore?)
gryphon569: Dragon
gryphon569: Man emerging from nautilus shell being menaced by dragon
gryphon569: Dragon
gryphon569: Carved figures over blocked-up north doorway
gryphon569: View through chancel arch
gryphon569: Mandarin ducks
gryphon569: Mandarin ducks
gryphon569: Ironwork
gryphon569: Sunday afternoon
gryphon569: Silver Jackanory
gryphon569: Elmhurst Park
gryphon569: Bollards, fence and brickwork
gryphon569: Stream through mudflats
gryphon569: Moored boats
gryphon569: "The Sisters"
gryphon569: "The Sisters"
gryphon569: Sunlight on boat