gryphon569: Turrets of Palais Neuf
gryphon569: Tour de la Campane and cathedral tower
gryphon569: Gargoyle
gryphon569: Gargoyle
gryphon569: The Place du Palais
gryphon569: Looking towards the cathedral tower
gryphon569: Window seat
gryphon569: Chimney
gryphon569: Upper kitchen
gryphon569: Cloisters
gryphon569: Donkey with hammer and chisel
gryphon569: Court d'Honneur
gryphon569: Court d'Honneur
gryphon569: Court d'Honneur
gryphon569: Demonic carving
gryphon569: Crouching corbel figure
gryphon569: Collection of missiles
gryphon569: Carved dragon
gryphon569: Cathedral of Notre-Dame des Doms and Papal Palace
gryphon569: Archway
gryphon569: Passageway near the Papal Palace
gryphon569: 1st-century Roman remains
gryphon569: Papal Palace
gryphon569: Basilique St-Pierre
gryphon569: Basilique St-Pierre
gryphon569: Rue Louis Pasteur
gryphon569: Fountain
gryphon569: "The Meeting Place"
gryphon569: Exterior of St Pancras Station
gryphon569: Chimneys and anti-climb spikes