_fairyism_: 149/369 all turquoise
_fairyism_: 148/369 on some days, the only beauty my psyche allows me to see is the sky's beauty.
_fairyism_: 147/369 there's no light without the shadows
_fairyism_: 146/369 can you spot the moon?
_fairyism_: 145/369 dreaming above the clouds
_fairyism_: 144/369 fire colored clouds
_fairyism_: 143/369 harsh contrasts
_fairyism_: 142/369 a light that shines so bright
_fairyism_: 141/369 thunder colored
_fairyism_: 140/369 I can see a broken heart
_fairyism_: 139/369 color fadings
_fairyism_: 138/369 green bokeh
_fairyism_: 137/369 little blossoming meadow
_fairyism_: 136/369 abstract botanicals
_fairyism_: 135/369 glittering greens
_fairyism_: 134/369 forms in the sky
_fairyism_: 133/369 the ocean in the sky
_fairyism_: 132/369 urban growth
_fairyism_: 131/369 home plants can be such beautiful models
_fairyism_: 130/369 drops on the surface
_fairyism_: 129/369 colorful memories
_fairyism_: 128/369 the sky, my love
_fairyism_: 127/369 like a painting in the sky
_fairyism_: 126/369 shades of yellow and green
_fairyism_: 125/369 ivy, one of the most beautiful plants in my opinion
_fairyism_: 124/369 so in love with the color green
_fairyism_: 123/369 fire in the sky and fire in my heart
_fairyism_: 122/369 flowery dreaming
_fairyism_: 121/369 the most beautiful
_fairyism_: 120/369 when the moon shines so bright