Andreadm66: Work in progress. These two Scousers, Lester (Liverpool supporter) and Brendon (Everton) have joined together to proudly promote where they live-Liverpool
Andreadm66: All finished. Sapper Fieldmouse spent his entire little life digging trenches at the Somme.
Andreadm66: # Work in progress. Sketch of Little Sapper Fieldmouse, who sadly spent all his little life digging trenches at the Somme.
Andreadm66: The Mischievous Mice will be hiding down the cheese aisle at the local supermarket soon
Andreadm66: Work in Progress. Need to study mice hands and feet!
Andreadm66: Meet Little Jacob Pickle
Andreadm66: This mandala mullarkey is quite therapeutic.
Andreadm66: Love on the rocks- ready for hiding around Halifax on Valentines Day
Andreadm66: Found a holey pebble also known as a Hag or Piddocks stone. Thought I’d give it a splash of colour
Andreadm66: Few more doodles ready for painting onto rocks ready for Valentine’s Day- here’s the Heart-throb Teds
Andreadm66: Little Data joint the Ted Generation Ranks
Andreadm66: Been doing a spot of doodling, preparing for painting on rocks. Can you tell who the Little Teds are supposed to be?
Andreadm66: Pretty Flamingo
Andreadm66: Masked lapwing
Andreadm66: Got to love Giraffes.
Andreadm66: Tamarin monkey
Andreadm66: Tamarin monkey
Andreadm66: Tamarin monkey
Andreadm66: Wonderful to watch the sunrise from the plane as we set off from Stansted to Fuerteventura. Flying over the Channel Islands
Andreadm66: Had an idea for little pebbles-wish my ideas didn’t come at 3am in the morning
Andreadm66: Couple more joining the Little Teds’ Scottish Clan, ready for hiding on Burns Night to spread the Act FAST message, how to spot signs of stroke
Andreadm66: Little Ted is getting ready for hiding on Burns Night
Andreadm66: Flo 1
Andreadm66: On Squirrel Watch...
Andreadm66: Work in progress- Bailey.
Andreadm66: Misty. Hand painted bauble/ fridge magnet
Andreadm66: Just love The Piece Hall
Andreadm66: David Bowie painted rock
Andreadm66: Full moon bauble finished.
Andreadm66: Little Vince joining the Christmas bauble Gang