oracle0017: Man in the mirror
oracle0017: Geoff 1-17-2020
oracle0017: Oh no ... I'm being edited!
oracle0017: 16mm perspective
oracle0017: The baby and the birds.
oracle0017: Pretty girl
oracle0017: Sitting pretty
oracle0017: Lunch time
oracle0017: Wrapped around a tree branch
oracle0017: A day at the zoo
oracle0017: Leaves in a creek.
oracle0017: Bubble art
oracle0017: Bamboo-zled
oracle0017: Coins in a fountain
oracle0017: Some one kicked the bucket
oracle0017: Desert color
oracle0017: Wired
oracle0017: Gentle light
oracle0017: Flower glow
oracle0017: A burst of color
oracle0017: Ride the wave
oracle0017: Teeth
oracle0017: Gnarly Vines
oracle0017: Old Pottery
oracle0017: Old coot
oracle0017: Bosque Del Apache Evening Panorama
oracle0017: Gemini Moon
oracle0017: New and Old
oracle0017: Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge