stansvisions: spray day for stan in chinquipin va.
stansvisions: peace out !!✌️
stansvisions: hi from maggie may and I. sorry ive been missing for a while from flickr nothings wrong but I am here to say I miss everyone merry christmas and happy new year to all
stansvisions: krazy comb ....with maggie may : )
stansvisions: racin shriner dudes at the christmas parade in waynesbora va.
stansvisions: Firecracker Nutcracker !! ha ha
stansvisions: the birds !!!
stansvisions: window shopper 2
stansvisions: . day of the dancing leaves : )
stansvisions: I love this bar : )
stansvisions: vivid colors for 4th of july in downtown waynesboro va.
stansvisions: I captured the Aura one day at work , haha
stansvisions: dogwood blooms : )
stansvisions: happy spring !!!!!
stansvisions: saw white bigfoot ....trompin around the lake : ) the creature was quite elusive..
stansvisions: nite of the snow capture two blocks from home : )
stansvisions: its ok to dream
stansvisions: backwoods screensaver by stan .. . . at swannanoa country country club afton mtn. va.
stansvisions: new day , after the storm , it is so crisp and clear out
stansvisions: sidewalk surfer in a goldfish bowl : )
stansvisions: Happy New Year everyone !! it's me...un-easyrider : ) takin a spin on Jessie James bike. tell jessie I will bring the bike back Later.......Much Later. : )
stansvisions: she hides. ...
stansvisions: the Mud Puddle 500 ...with A.J. the floor man at the wheel and Stan the man on the cam. : )
stansvisions: cool contraption at the rock quarry : )
stansvisions: steamy morning
stansvisions: Karma police
stansvisions: Cold foggy monday
stansvisions: Holidays are great then it's ......
stansvisions: almost time for Santa