Lilla~Rose: Roath Brook
Lilla~Rose: Colesbourne Park Snowdrops
Lilla~Rose: Bean & Brew Wallingford
Lilla~Rose: 2017-01-10_03-17-08
Lilla~Rose: Morning all
Lilla~Rose: Thiepval Picardy France #Somme100
Lilla~Rose: Remembrance
Lilla~Rose: Happy Halloween from Stoke Newington
Lilla~Rose: Afternoon tea Pennyhill Park Surrey.
Lilla~Rose: Must be nearly Christmas the gingerbread man is back at Costa
Lilla~Rose: Pottering
Lilla~Rose: Hotel Abbaye-des-Vaux-de-Cernay
Lilla~Rose: Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme July 2016 #somme100
Lilla~Rose: In Memory of Private Sidney Spreadborough Royal Army Medical Corps 25th Wessex Field Ambulances, who gave his life in the Battle of the Somme on October 25th 1916. One of the "Missing" whose names are commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. We will visit
Lilla~Rose: Cornish or Devonian ?? National Cream Tea Day was celebrated
Lilla~Rose: Baked @ Worthing
Lilla~Rose: 2016-05-08_07-22-04
Lilla~Rose: 2016-05-07_09-13-43
Lilla~Rose: May 1st my 60th birthday
Lilla~Rose: Pease Pottage Sussex
Lilla~Rose: Yellow Warbler Cafe Stoke Newington
Lilla~Rose: From Doon with Death
Lilla~Rose: New day new book
Lilla~Rose: Homemade coffees :)
Lilla~Rose: Still hanging on in here
Lilla~Rose: Hanging on in there
Lilla~Rose: Waiting for an unexpected hospital clinic appointment..does coffee help stress ? Well the chocolate sprinkles do lol
Lilla~Rose: Natalie Lowe~London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
Lilla~Rose: Flared