fossiled: Mermaid surveying Her (my) Pond
fossiled: Beauty in the Engineering Details
fossiled: Architecture by Botany
fossiled: Cadillac Curves and Colors
fossiled: Close-up image within the image
fossiled: Abstract Pattern in the Pipes
fossiled: Brilliant Yellow Bird of Paradise
fossiled: Eyeing the camera with Suspicion
fossiled: Chrysler Art Deco Bling
fossiled: Another Japanese Maple
fossiled: Patterns in a Japanese Maple
fossiled: The Great Eye of Lincoln appearing in Delahaye
fossiled: Abstract Reflections on a Delahaye
fossiled: Reflections on a C-type Cat
fossiled: Goldbug for SJB (enlarge for details)
fossiled: Twin to the 1931 leMans winner
fossiled: Stunning Conspicuous Consumption
fossiled: Monochrome Avian Mascot Closeup
fossiled: Delahaye on a Packard
fossiled: 1932 Lincoln V-12 LeBaron Cabriolet
fossiled: Twin Cupolas top a Vermont Barn
fossiled: 'Tete d'Aigle' Eagle's Head glass mascot by Lalique
fossiled: Reincarnation of a Champ
fossiled: Beach Grass Storming the Ramparts
fossiled: Goodyear on a Dodge in a Blue Tent
fossiled: Master Craftsmanship in Rolling Art
fossiled: Another Atalante Bug
fossiled: Volupuous Art Deco Curves
fossiled: The Art of using up a huge pile of Shingles
fossiled: British Racing Stork