devonpaul: Italian coin 1911
devonpaul: Italian commemorative coin
devonpaul: misty ole days
devonpaul: Calm and peaceful
devonpaul: Some Achievement
devonpaul: Playing
devonpaul: Any of my rich flickr friends want to buy a house
devonpaul: The trouble with free range
devonpaul: A Thoughtful Hen
devonpaul: friesian heifers
devonpaul: My secret place
devonpaul: A Starfull of caterpillars
devonpaul: Natural Brown tones on Cliff Face
devonpaul: Rock formation near Exmouth and Orcombe
devonpaul: the point
devonpaul: the birds
devonpaul: mmmmmm mushrooms for breakfast
devonpaul: yellow
devonpaul: A Stroll with a dog named Boo
devonpaul: October Wave at Budleigh
devonpaul: How the pebbles get on the beach (the last stage!)
devonpaul: West Budleigh Salterton nudist beach
devonpaul: fish skeleton
devonpaul: On the beach
devonpaul: How do you know that this is a Comma Butterfly?
devonpaul: cropped
devonpaul: ssskky
devonpaul: weights
devonpaul: gold