smiley006: DANCE!
smiley006: Lower Manhattan View, December, 1973
smiley006: New York Summer
smiley006: City Snack: Donut Heaven!
smiley006: Manhattan Reflections 1979
smiley006: New York Parade
smiley006: Alfredo Ramos Martinez, Mexican Modernism
smiley006: "With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever"
smiley006: As The Clouds Roll By
smiley006: Hudson River, Panorama
smiley006: GREEN ANDY
smiley006: Colatrava Transit Center, NYC
smiley006: Alan Has Left The Building
smiley006: Sunday Afternoon, Los Angeles.
smiley006: Style
smiley006: YOU BIG CHICKEN!
smiley006: Pacific Palisades Sunset
smiley006: Rocket Man
smiley006: Color Explosion
smiley006: Look Into the Light
smiley006: The Icing On the Cake
smiley006: Where did I go so right?
smiley006: Veniero's
smiley006: Beeswax Room
smiley006: National Gallery of Art Rotunda
smiley006: National Gallery of Art
smiley006: National Gallery of Art
smiley006: National Cathedral, Washington D.C.
smiley006: National Cathedral