GOLDFOCUS: forgotten and left behind
GOLDFOCUS: grapevines in the autumn light
GOLDFOCUS: hide in your shell
GOLDFOCUS: black can No.1
GOLDFOCUS: the infinity of the sea [Explored Nov 18, 2020]
GOLDFOCUS: deep in the woods
GOLDFOCUS: crane number 15
GOLDFOCUS: wooden puzzle
GOLDFOCUS: read the signs
GOLDFOCUS: the pride of a bygone era
GOLDFOCUS: 153s on the ferris wheel and I feel dizzy
GOLDFOCUS: Kijkduin, Schoorl
GOLDFOCUS: crane in the dark
GOLDFOCUS: puddle or dream? [Explored Oct 30, 2020]
GOLDFOCUS: sometimes I dream of a white cup
GOLDFOCUS: KALAG - blue hour
GOLDFOCUS: Hardwired…to Self-Destruct
GOLDFOCUS: flat leaf
GOLDFOCUS: Morus [Explored Oct 13, 2020]
GOLDFOCUS: the loneliness of the bicyclist
GOLDFOCUS: blue light
GOLDFOCUS: stack of white paper
GOLDFOCUS: Passionsblume (Passiflora)
GOLDFOCUS: La Tour Eiffel in red
GOLDFOCUS: tiny houses at the beach
GOLDFOCUS: sea + wind + clouds = freedom
GOLDFOCUS: big money - small pouch [Explored Sep 14, 2020]
GOLDFOCUS: gorgeous green glass
GOLDFOCUS: shadow on the wall
GOLDFOCUS: "push harder dad - we want to be as fast as the speed of light"