GOLDFOCUS: winter walk
GOLDFOCUS: But it is good for me to draw near to God.
GOLDFOCUS: Castle Steinsberg [Explored Feb 26, 2021]
GOLDFOCUS: trapped under ice
GOLDFOCUS: stone cold
GOLDFOCUS: partly bubble-free
GOLDFOCUS: cold refreshment for a hot day
GOLDFOCUS: Hanse blues
GOLDFOCUS: Heidelberger Schloss [Explored Feb 10, 2021]
GOLDFOCUS: Panta rhei
GOLDFOCUS: Safety - or the new normal?
GOLDFOCUS: Radioaktivität - radioactivity
GOLDFOCUS: let there be light
GOLDFOCUS: sunrise over the harbor
GOLDFOCUS: look mommy there's an airplane up in the sky
GOLDFOCUS: Didn't Lord Vader say you should build a death star?
GOLDFOCUS: an amusement ride in winter [Explored Jan 23, 2021]
GOLDFOCUS: the green windmill
GOLDFOCUS: momo and the grey gentlemen
GOLDFOCUS: i am an old analog lens
GOLDFOCUS: 94 - 95 - 6 - 7
GOLDFOCUS: have a drink on me
GOLDFOCUS: weed does not pass
GOLDFOCUS: two blue sheets of paper rolled up II
GOLDFOCUS: golden harvest [Explored Jan 7, 2021]
GOLDFOCUS: greatest gift you can give is your time
GOLDFOCUS: Schloss Eberstein
GOLDFOCUS: Did you spot the couple?
GOLDFOCUS: the magnifying glass