Jeanne Masar: Dryad
Temari 09: "Can we invite Rudy to our Christmas party, Momma?"
pareeerica: * Red *
jaci XIII: Tales of Autumn
Sassy AngeL™: Lewis Chasing Bunny
with the sound of music: Edit: Me doing a superman
Gravityx9: Flickr Officer
Steven Fought Photography aka: FŏtFōtō: kuddly koala's kind, karing kountenance
Sassy AngeL™: Make It Interesting Challenge # 3 Building
Dave F Barker: Red Tailed Kite
daveish182: aeiou sometimes y
Gravityx9: Off the beaten path ~(PETAchallenge3)~
KarenJoy1956: Woodpecker
KarenJoy1956: Pheasants - he thinks he hears something (me)
Steven Fought Photography aka: FŏtFōtō: ...and you shake it all about
miracleco: Together
KarenJoy1956: Finished breakfast
Steven Fought Photography aka: FŏtFōtō: Beautiful Grey-Headed Kingfisher
miracleco: Grandma
Vin on the move: Natural puzzle
KarenJoy1956: DUC 143 entry #1