Dreamsmitten: Servicing area of the Cotswold Airport
Dreamsmitten: The First Kiss
Dreamsmitten: Landscape taken in south Scotland
Dreamsmitten: An Autumn Scene
Dreamsmitten: Bridge Railings - fine Building - and the Dog
Dreamsmitten: Where are my eggs!
Dreamsmitten: Parking Place
Dreamsmitten: Bedtime Story
Dreamsmitten: Rocks by the River Severn at Lydney
Dreamsmitten: River Severn at Lydney
Dreamsmitten: A Market in the Wild Place Zoo
Dreamsmitten: The Bali Starling
Dreamsmitten: Courtyard Cafe
Dreamsmitten: The Hollywood Tower
Dreamsmitten: A Lynx coming from behind a tree
Dreamsmitten: The Severn Bridge on a misty morning
Dreamsmitten: Come out - Come out - from the Rock Pile
Dreamsmitten: Harvest Time
Dreamsmitten: Pulteney Weir in the River Avon at Bath
Dreamsmitten: Gelada - or a "Bleeding-heart" - Monkey on the Rocks
Dreamsmitten: Tyndale Monument
Dreamsmitten: The 'Trouble House'
Dreamsmitten: Energy Recovery Centre near to Severn Beach
Dreamsmitten: Looking across the River Severn
Dreamsmitten: Simon said, "Sit"
Dreamsmitten: Go into the Wilderness -
Dreamsmitten: A Rural Scene
Dreamsmitten: On a very small Pond
Dreamsmitten: Leftover - the Straw Bales
Dreamsmitten: and Winter is Coming