Dreamsmitten: Breaktime
Dreamsmitten: Church of St Andrew
Dreamsmitten: Country House in the Cotswolds
Dreamsmitten: St Mary's Church & the Sharpness-Gloucester Canal at Frampton On Severn in Gloucestershire
Dreamsmitten: Pompom Dahlia
Dreamsmitten: If needs be . . .
Dreamsmitten: A Visit to the Tropics
Dreamsmitten: Mother's coming back
Dreamsmitten: The old Aust Ferry & the Bridge replacement into Wales
Dreamsmitten: Over the rough grass by the River Severn
Dreamsmitten: A Mute Swan and his Shadow glides through the water
Dreamsmitten: Red Poppy Cafe
Dreamsmitten: Narrow Boat cruising
Dreamsmitten: Moored
Dreamsmitten: Taurotragus Oryx
Dreamsmitten: Verbena Bonariensis
Dreamsmitten: No Mail Today!
Dreamsmitten: Rhododendron
Dreamsmitten: Across the River
Dreamsmitten: Photographer and the Bristol Suspension Bridge
Dreamsmitten: Two Sentries
Dreamsmitten: Red and White Tulip
Dreamsmitten: Sheep and Jackdaws on the Hillside
Dreamsmitten: Rosa Alchymist
Dreamsmitten: A Berkeley Vale Farmhouse
Dreamsmitten: Red Peony flower
Dreamsmitten: Put out to Grass
Dreamsmitten: Red Hot Pokers
Dreamsmitten: My Heart's not on My Sleeve