AlanW17: Southlands
AlanW17: The Penthouse
AlanW17: Varied Thrush. (Explore)
AlanW17: Downy Woodpecker.
AlanW17: Dolly - Love
AlanW17: Vancouver Harbour
AlanW17: Beach Grove Motel
AlanW17: Misty Morning
AlanW17: Vancouver Style
AlanW17: Merry Christmas 2022 (Explore)
AlanW17: In From The Cold
AlanW17: Walk
AlanW17: Baby Girl!!
AlanW17: Great Blue Heron
AlanW17: Vancouver Christmas
AlanW17: Boundary Bay
AlanW17: Coal Harbour Skyline
AlanW17: Light Shed Sculpture
AlanW17: Feeling Tropical
AlanW17: Emilise
AlanW17: Melissa-These Eyes (Explore)
AlanW17: Elisabeth
AlanW17: Cait
AlanW17: Gabby
AlanW17: Mel
AlanW17: Cookie's Ice Cream
AlanW17: Ladner Village
AlanW17: Gastown Steam Clock
AlanW17: Let's Meet At The Coffee Shop.
AlanW17: Holding Court.