Rooblestein: mr kendrick and mr kamboj
Rooblestein: left to right
Rooblestein: nightsight
Rooblestein: all hail the light
Rooblestein: bigfoot - samhain
Rooblestein: reflection
Rooblestein: rosehill house
Rooblestein: orange an blue
Rooblestein: there_they_are
Rooblestein: chez short
Rooblestein: hey my love
Rooblestein: directional light - a good long screw
Rooblestein: adoration by bosch
Rooblestein: adoration of the magi on a wall
Rooblestein: yellow case, thin head
Rooblestein: Ya wanna get out there, don’t ya?!
Rooblestein: pickled egg.....garlic version
Rooblestein: the odge, travel odge!
Rooblestein: breakfast of champions 26
Rooblestein: glendale, CA
Rooblestein: street level
Rooblestein: can i have my ball back
Rooblestein: heltaskelta
Rooblestein: softbox
Rooblestein: black & white beard
Rooblestein: to me from me
Rooblestein: X70-exploded
Rooblestein: zaphod said nothing. he had simply fallen in love.