Peter Gale: DSC10113
Al Durer: men on benches
Manfred Hofmann: Spätsommer 2019
Thomas Willard: Lone Pine_0367
Thomas Willard: Burbank_0399 Lazy sunday VII
[@]Jendrix56: Tiempos de tormenta - Temps de tempesta - Stormy times
Hugues erre: Lozère
pusiga: Crossing
P.P.Sanchez: La Menina y los tres mirones
Sofia (Sissy) Sopiadou: DSC_0377_Mad Rush
Sofia (Sissy) Sopiadou: DSC_0033_At Work_The Office
debbieyare: Twiggy and the Rock ;-)
Marie Hacene: le verrou
Herr Benini: .take care with that mission because this stuff lasts
Herr Benini: .oh god, those motherfuckers drove me nuts with their electrical saws and mariachi music