Capitancapitan: Friends waiting for food without any protection. Covid-19
Capitancapitan: Covid-19
Capitancapitan: Covid-19
Capitancapitan: Empty highway due to quarantine.
Capitancapitan: Santa Biblia
Capitancapitan: Covid-19
Capitancapitan: Walking alone...Streets are empty.
Capitancapitan: Back in 60º Parking Only. Beautiful sunshine.
Capitancapitan: La Tribuna...
Capitancapitan: Beautiful view.
Capitancapitan: El vendedor ambulante.
Capitancapitan: Walking is always a great pleasure, is part of our life.
Capitancapitan: Port Authority Bus Terminal, 8th Avenue, NYC, NY
Capitancapitan: I was looking for a good angle, until I finally found it.
Capitancapitan: Just her.
Capitancapitan: There's no doubt, he really loves dogs.
Capitancapitan: Hard worker.
Capitancapitan: The two and the dog.
Capitancapitan: I came back!
Capitancapitan: Crossing of the two umbrellas.
Capitancapitan: Legacy of elegance.
Capitancapitan: Her passion for the rain.
Capitancapitan: Walking together in the park.
Capitancapitan: Pepper and Salt.
Capitancapitan: Perspective.
Capitancapitan: This little boy asked me if I could take a picture of him, and I gladly accepted.
Capitancapitan: View behind the palm trees.
Capitancapitan: The lady with the Dog. (Inspired by Anton Chekhov's Novel) La Dama del Perrito (Inspirada en la novela de Anton Chejov)
Capitancapitan: La vendedora