Capitancapitan: Madame Tussands.
Capitancapitan: The Beatles. Abbey Road.
Capitancapitan: Radio City Music Hall.
Capitancapitan: Observation Deck / NBC
Capitancapitan: Experience of life.
Capitancapitan: Nice couple.
Capitancapitan: Pennsylvania Station - New York
Capitancapitan: Family time.
Capitancapitan: There is nothing better than taking advantage of the last days of summer playing with friends on the beach.
Capitancapitan: Emergency lane.
Capitancapitan: Walking barefoot.
Capitancapitan: People having fun in the beach, while the bird is observing everything around...
Capitancapitan: Fisherman.
Capitancapitan: Shadows, beach, people and something else.
Capitancapitan: Going to my office, I think I'm going to be late.
Capitancapitan: Life is a reflection of our own acts.
Capitancapitan: The race begins.
Capitancapitan: Deep thoughts.
Capitancapitan: Night traffic.
Capitancapitan: Standing just here, watching ghosts skating on ice.
Capitancapitan: Walking my dog in the city...
Capitancapitan: Mystery of her own shadow.
Capitancapitan: Collage. Anything can happen inside or outside the coffeeshop.
Capitancapitan: She has fun smoking a cigarette while in the background she hears the wonderful sound of a cello played by a beautiful young woman.
Capitancapitan: Love my job, because I can be working and texting at the same time. Anything can happen at Columbus Circle, New York City.
Capitancapitan: And meanwhile in the city... What you see in the background is a banner.
Capitancapitan: Subway, Manhattan. New York City.
Capitancapitan: Riding my bike like a horse.
Capitancapitan: Walking Ghosts in Manhattan.
Capitancapitan: Riding my bike to the moon.