Andrew.Waller: Quiet moment
Andrew.Waller: Till later...
Andrew.Waller: Relaxing November afternoon
Andrew.Waller: Fungus? Fungi? Toadstool?
Andrew.Waller: November, So! Red, Rain
Andrew.Waller: Summer house nears winter
Andrew.Waller: But looking on the bright side...
Andrew.Waller: Warmth inside
Andrew.Waller: Crunch
Andrew.Waller: Autumn Reflections
Andrew.Waller: Threatening
Andrew.Waller: Whistling past
Andrew.Waller: Autumn colours
Andrew.Waller: Together in technology
Andrew.Waller: Brooding
Andrew.Waller: Stone Henge
Andrew.Waller: For all time
Andrew.Waller: Proper!
Andrew.Waller: No parking
Andrew.Waller: Layer upon layer
Andrew.Waller: The tree with birds
Andrew.Waller: Circle of calm
Andrew.Waller: Overhead
Andrew.Waller: Tunnel vision
Andrew.Waller: The Tree with Lightning
Andrew.Waller: Splash
Andrew.Waller: Clear round
Andrew.Waller: Ripples