photopeter159: sunset side light
photopeter159: smoke+stack
photopeter159: crab spider
photopeter159: sharp shoreline
photopeter159: spinning plates
photopeter159: snow balls or apple wood
photopeter159: icebrella
photopeter159: break through
photopeter159: leaf in blue ice
photopeter159: ice Alien
photopeter159: frosty morning
photopeter159: cousins
photopeter159: universe in ice
photopeter159: ice seal
photopeter159: colours of winter
photopeter159: creeping up
photopeter159: ice and leaves
photopeter159: first ice on the river
photopeter159: pancake ice shuffling along the shoreline
photopeter159: bark argument
photopeter159: bark hug, or porcupine art
photopeter159: bark forest
photopeter159: cry bark
photopeter159: majestic bark
photopeter159: bark crotch
photopeter159: Ontario fall morning
photopeter159: Crowe River shoreline, Ontario
photopeter159: lost balls
photopeter159: bark serpent