jandouwe: Under the bridge
jandouwe: Thin red line
jandouwe: Abstract with red fence
jandouwe: Shadow play
jandouwe: Waiting for snow
jandouwe: Huisje-boompje-beestjes
jandouwe: Stairs and stripes
jandouwe: Composition in grey, brown and green
jandouwe: Woodface
jandouwe: 7 x 4.5
jandouwe: Smokers outside the hospital doors
jandouwe: Tomatoes in progress
jandouwe: Street abstract XXVII
jandouwe: 4 shades of grey
jandouwe: Street abstract XXVI
jandouwe: Roof garden
jandouwe: Composition in red with yellow blocks
jandouwe: Afterparty
jandouwe: Grey, green, very red, green
jandouwe: Be my number two
jandouwe: Composition with three happy bakers
jandouwe: Listen to me very carefully. I shall say this only once! III
jandouwe: This is not Abbey Road
jandouwe: You can go your own way
jandouwe: Landscape with orange triangle and grey square
jandouwe: Blue eyes
jandouwe: Behind closed doors
jandouwe: Symmetry II
jandouwe: Ditch with yellow crate
jandouwe: Patchwork