richardgivingart: Clouds Over The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
richardgivingart: Crabbing in the Bay
richardgivingart: Somebody Tell Me Whats Going on Up There!
richardgivingart: Beach Time
richardgivingart: Another Path
richardgivingart: Clouds and Wee Moon
richardgivingart: Phone in Hot Tub
richardgivingart: Not Dressed for the Slide
richardgivingart: Walking Down the Beach
richardgivingart: Amazing 7 lb winter squash hanging in a small maple tree 15 feet from where the squash plant started.
richardgivingart: Kiptopeke
richardgivingart: Kiptopeke State Park
richardgivingart: Kiptopeke State Park
richardgivingart: How Does My Makeup Look?
richardgivingart: Crabbing at Kiptopeke
richardgivingart: Today the Sun is Up Again
richardgivingart: Soy Bean Morning
richardgivingart: Pelican Wing Bones
richardgivingart: Once a Tree
richardgivingart: Flying Shells and Pelicans