begumidast: Languard und Berninamassiv
begumidast: Tannenhäher
begumidast: Poschiavo
begumidast: Alpenbirkenzeisig (Carduelis flammea)
begumidast: Afternoon in St. Moritz
begumidast: Easy going
begumidast: When the glacier is gone
begumidast: The flower of thw swiss alps
begumidast: Beauty beside the trail
begumidast: Sonne pur am Lej Da Vadret.
begumidast: Val Roseg
begumidast: Lago Bianco / Lej Nair / Lej Pitschen
begumidast: Piz Palü
begumidast: Berninamassiv
begumidast: Grimselpass
begumidast: Steingletscher / Sustenpass
begumidast: Flowers of the mountains (Edelweiss)
begumidast: Alpwirtschaft
begumidast: Mondschein
begumidast: Mountain road
begumidast: Fresh snow this morning. (the right gear for any weather)
begumidast: Meise /Great tit
begumidast: Alpenbirkenzeisig (Carduelis flammea)
begumidast: Fresh snow in the alps
begumidast: Morteratsch "STUPA"
begumidast: Winter in Switzerland
begumidast: Afternoon walk
begumidast: Beautiful day
begumidast: St. Gotthard
begumidast: Afternoon walk