_barahir_: Within my head
_barahir_: Tunnel of trees
_barahir_: Forget the sun
_barahir_: Took me to the light
_barahir_: From this moment
_barahir_: The clearing in the forest
_barahir_: Picture a light
_barahir_: Maybe this time
_barahir_: A matter of time
_barahir_: To second sight
_barahir_: Should I touch the ground?
_barahir_: And all washed away
_barahir_: Rise into a liquid dream
_barahir_: There must be a key
_barahir_: All I ever wanted
_barahir_: What a beautiful dream
_barahir_: Just one more go
_barahir_: Over roots and the thorns
_barahir_: One moment can change everything
_barahir_: Nothing on this side
_barahir_: Hope that you're dreaming
_barahir_: We are trees
_barahir_: I turn around
_barahir_: No worries to feed
_barahir_: Bathing in the quiet
_barahir_: Just the shadow
_barahir_: Verticals
_barahir_: Fan out
_barahir_: Floating
_barahir_: Fall