cresting_wave: The Wild Bunch
cresting_wave: Middle Way among the waves of impermanence
cresting_wave: Seririt Harvest #3 - Finale of the seasonal movement
cresting_wave: Seririt Harvest #2 - Let them fall away happily
cresting_wave: Seririt Harvest #1 - A family affair
cresting_wave: May you be in joy
cresting_wave: May you be in peace
cresting_wave: The marching choir and its conductor
cresting_wave: Cracker’s Friday morning
cresting_wave: She and her three children
cresting_wave: The dialectics of perception
cresting_wave: The Sun Never Sets
cresting_wave: You rock and I roll!
cresting_wave: Hey, there’s nothing to grasp onto!
cresting_wave: I get up, and nothing gets me down
cresting_wave: In search
cresting_wave: Who has stopped and who hasn’t?
cresting_wave: In peace with impermanence
cresting_wave: Pitfall of the senses
cresting_wave: Transient are all conditioned existences; subject are they to birth and then decay.
cresting_wave: Mindfulness, the direct way to freedom
cresting_wave: May your mind be free of shackles
cresting_wave: Evam Me Sutam...
cresting_wave: Turn Turn Turn
cresting_wave: May you two bathe in the water of love forever
cresting_wave: Yes and No, Neither Nor
cresting_wave: When will my heart have no more fluctuating waves?
cresting_wave: Why not be happy?
cresting_wave: Our precious pearl
cresting_wave: Ready for work! (Banjar village girls)