cresting_wave: Display of Dictatoria
cresting_wave: Where can they go?
cresting_wave: Them Heavy People
cresting_wave: Save me!
cresting_wave: Standing unperturbed
cresting_wave: Slowly forgotten as well
cresting_wave: Beloved, Elapsed
cresting_wave: Grounded
cresting_wave: Highly Aloof
cresting_wave: Royal Candies
cresting_wave: In the alley
cresting_wave: Wait and see
cresting_wave: The world is too big for us to be petty-minded
cresting_wave: Time-space-mind —— that‘s your world
cresting_wave: All of us bear the traces of our past deeds
cresting_wave: The Arahant
cresting_wave: The Sacred and the Profane
cresting_wave: Smiling improves your mental and physical health
cresting_wave: I can love you, whoever you are
cresting_wave: He who lives more lives than one, More deaths than one must die. — Oscar Wilde —
cresting_wave: Me and my little sister
cresting_wave: Observing waves of my craving as hindrances to awakening
cresting_wave: Conditioned Impetus
cresting_wave: No casualty today
cresting_wave: Carousel of Cyclic Existence
cresting_wave: You can't hurt me because this is not me
cresting_wave: We're not much different from farm animals
cresting_wave: Close, but no cigar!
cresting_wave: Polypropylene Sensuality
cresting_wave: A game of give-and-take