GTography: Gold leaf, cobble beach. Water Dance Cottage. Bay of Exploits, NL
GTography: A rainy Sunday. Vieux Quebec, Basse Ville, QC
GTography: Snug harbour, French River, PEI
GTography: The girls at Brackley Beach, PEI.
GTography: So, what is the coat hook for?
GTography: Block Point Lighthouse
GTography: The Curly Gates
GTography: Miscou Island Lighthouse
GTography: Urban jungle. Victoria Park, Waterloo, ON
GTography: Hot love
GTography: Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), immature
GTography: Northern Pintail (Anus acuta)
GTography: Blub
GTography: Miss Lucy
GTography: Helen and I
GTography: Ferryland lighthouse
GTography: Waves on ice
GTography: Playa Veracruz, Panama
GTography: Joe Batt's Arm
GTography: Flag irises, coastal marsh
GTography: Shoal Arm
GTography: After the storm.
GTography: Shooting at the Cape
GTography: Living dangerously
GTography: Bacon Cove berg
GTography: Street music
GTography: Murales de Montreal 10
GTography: Murales de Montreal 09
GTography: Murales de Montreal 08
GTography: Murales de Montreal 07