mootzie: The old road
mootzie: Diving Common Mure
mootzie: Common Mure
mootzie: Prep is key
mootzie: Mr dusty paws
mootzie: Spindrift drama
mootzie: The buoy
mootzie: Bird perspective and aqua ripcurls
mootzie: Morning monsters
mootzie: Swell 2
mootzie: Swell
mootzie: Mesmerised Meg
mootzie: Eco friendly fetch
mootzie: Seeing double
mootzie: Arty froth
mootzie: Baa baa
mootzie: Looking for the menu are you sir?
mootzie: In the surf
mootzie: Going surfing
mootzie: Froth escapees
mootzie: At the beach
mootzie: Ripcurl beauty
mootzie: Ouch!!!
mootzie: Splash attack
mootzie: Calm at Port
mootzie: Hebridean sunrise
mootzie: Hebridean orange
mootzie: More goosey wanderings
mootzie: Morning sunrise
mootzie: Hoopers fly by