mootzie: Rolling in at sunrise
mootzie: Where seagulls dare!
mootzie: Aqua power
mootzie: Wave power
mootzie: Raw power at sea
mootzie: Between the slats
mootzie: Attitude
mootzie: Aqua spindrift
mootzie: Wet wee blackbird
mootzie: Caught out by the tide!!
mootzie: Mr sleepy paws
mootzie: Rainbow buoys
mootzie: Washing line web beads
mootzie: Talk to the paw!! (Karate Kitty)
mootzie: Reflecting gull
mootzie: Looking for a take away!!
mootzie: Fluffy the Bee
mootzie: Beach art
mootzie: Cloudy reflections
mootzie: Rainbow brightness
mootzie: Aqua power
mootzie: The posing panther
mootzie: Mr patient
mootzie: Last of the poppies
mootzie: Surfing twist
mootzie: Fiery drama clouds
mootzie: Blue layers
mootzie: Fishing
mootzie: Sunrays
mootzie: Lights on