stilllifephotographer: Welcome to the trib.-
stilllifephotographer: It could be wet.
stilllifephotographer: In the Garden "Up close and personal"
stilllifephotographer: Beach Dreaming
stilllifephotographer: CAT TREATS!!!-
stilllifephotographer: I'm just tired of this...
stilllifephotographer: This is life.
stilllifephotographer: Sampson in the pose
stilllifephotographer: Sampson in the light-
stilllifephotographer: Sliced Tomatos
stilllifephotographer: Be very very quiet I'm hunting wabbits...-
stilllifephotographer: Keeping an eye on you.
stilllifephotographer: Nikon D300 Macro-
stilllifephotographer: Nikon d750, Tamron 45mm.1.8 VC. ISO 12800, f7.1, 1/80
stilllifephotographer: Nikon d750, Tamron 45mm.1.8 VC. ISO 5000, f3.5, 1/100
stilllifephotographer: untitled-Edit.jpg
stilllifephotographer: untitled-3-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg
stilllifephotographer: Just messing around
stilllifephotographer: Double Exposure-10.jpg
stilllifephotographer: untitled-9-Edit.jpg
stilllifephotographer: untitled-8-Edit.jpg
stilllifephotographer: untitled-7-Edit.jpg