scinta1: Roll on, deep and dark blue ocean, roll.
scinta1: Through the high window
scinta1: Remnants of a City
scinta1: Remnants of a City
scinta1: City Blocks
scinta1: Colour Bomb
scinta1: Bronzed
scinta1: Earthly Hues
scinta1: Burning Down the House
scinta1: Winds of Change
scinta1: Red, Red,Red
scinta1: Following the Light
scinta1: Work in Progress, Christchurch, NZ
scinta1: Blue Corner, Christchurch, NZ
scinta1: The Point
scinta1: In the light of day
scinta1: Abandoned carpark becomes art-space
scinta1: Colour in the city
scinta1: New Build, Christchurch, NZ
scinta1: In with the new, Christchurch, NZ
scinta1: New beginnings
scinta1: Christchurch Art Gallery
scinta1: Impressions of a city
scinta1: Let me eat cake!
scinta1: Selfie on deck
scinta1: Shadow in the water
scinta1: Summertime!
scinta1: Taking the plunge!
scinta1: A Grey Morning in Greymouth, NZ
scinta1: Christchurch Art Gallery, New Zealand